3 bottles of Skin Renew's whitening beauty products
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Skin Renew Face Whitening Cream

The Skin Renew Face whitening cream is able to brighten the skin and remove hyperpigmentation with skincare technologies designed in our in-house laboratory.

Suitable For: All skin types
Usage: Once or twice daily 
Quantity: 1.02 fluid ounces (30 ml)
Shelf-life: 3 years
Shipping: 1 x 20ft container or negotiable for 1 pallet

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    Skin Renew Face Whitening Cream

    Are you back from a holiday or due to the daily basis of life, your skin became tan and darker? Well, you can stop yourself from worrying about the dark skin as we can make your day and face brighter with the Face Whitening Cream! This skincare product could help in managing and handling your skin concerns. Skin conditions such as pigmentation, dark skin tone, dull skin and more could be improve as the whitening cream is created to help you treat and care for your skin. This silky-smooth textured cream is an intense and rich cream that could be applied easily onto your skin. 

    3 bottles of Skin Renew's whitening beauty products

    Now with this whitening cream, you will not be anxious or insecure about your skin tone as it is formulated to make your skin better and lighter. Add the product into your skincare routine and use the product consistently for the best results for a stunning and brighter skin. You would be impressed with the results when you are using the product. Get ready to be surprise by the properties of the product and use it wisely. As a result, you will be happier and your skin will be healthier. You could also impress the people around you when you are using this skincare product as they would like to know the secret to your glowing skin.


    The whitening cream is a beauty care product that could help you in achieving a radiant and fair skin as it will reduce the appearance of dark spots, scars and overall brighten up your skin. This product will be suitable for you if you have skin concerns such as dark spots, acne scars, uneven skin tone, or aging skin. This personal care product will act as a treatment for the skin problems that you may have regarding your skin. 


    This cosmetic item is full of antioxidants, moisturizers, and anti-aging properties. Get this specially made cream to keep your skin glowing and young-looking. In addition, it is constructed using the most advanced technology, which denotes that it uses high-quality technological components and the newest and most advanced technological procedures. Additionally, it contains a complex blend of organic plant extracts like scutellaria, white mulberry, saxifrage, and grape fruit. 


    Your skin condition could improve and be treated with the face cream. You will love your new skin complexion when you are using this cream. Time to get the fair skin that you have always been dreaming for with the Face Whitening Cream. Now you can glow up and make your skin healthier with this very product. Say hello to the bright face and days in your life with the this cream and say bye-bye to the dark era of your dark skin face.

    Skin Renew Face Whitening Cream for Every Skin Type

    When picking out a product for yourself, one thing that is crucial is to choose products that are suitable for your skin type. Our product is guaranteed to work for you as our Skin Renew Face Whitening Cream is designed to suit all types of skin such as dry, oily, sensitive, combination, and even more.

    face with dark spots and blemishes

    Face whitening cream for dark skin tone

    If your skin became darker over the years, you can brighten it up with our cream as it is an intensive brightening cream that is formulated with TechnowhiteTM, Nicotinamide, and Vitamin E which could lighten your skin and give a glowing and fair look that you have always wanted.

    oily skin with acne and blemishes

    Face whitening cream for oily and acne-prone skin

    If you have oily and acne-prone skin, it is probably better for you to be cautious with the skincare products that you use. You would not want to clog your skin with the products that you use as it will result in a breakout or worsen your skin conditions. Infused with Sunflower Oil that is suitable for various skin types which would including oily and acne-prone skin, it would not clog the pores on the skin as it is non-comedogenic.

    face with dry skin

    Face whitening cream for dry skin

    Even individuals with dry skin conditions are suitable with our face whitening cream as this cream is rich with moisturizing and soothing properties. Made with ingredients that are high in moisturizing elements such as Sunflower Oil and Biosaccharide Gum-1. This whitening cream will be able to soothe and provide moisture to your skin.

    radiant face caucasian woman

    Face whitening cream for radiant skin

    Exposure to UV radiation and sunlight on a daily basis could result in your skin being tanned. Therefore, if you are looking for a face whitening cream that could make your skin appear radiant and brighter, the Skin Renew Face Whitening Cream is the one for you. This cream could treat and improve your skin so that your skin could be healthier and more radiant.

    face with sagging skin

    Face whitening cream for aging skin

    We can never stop the aging process as it is almost possible however we can try and take care of our skin so that it would be able to age gracefully. With proper care and proper products, aging skin could be treated and cared for especially with our face whitening cream as one of the ingredients, Nicotinamide could help with aging skin as it reduces age spots, blemishes, lines, and wrinkles.

    Our Whitening Cream Uses and Benefits

    There are multiple uses and benefits that you can gain when you are using this product. One of them would be that the cream is suitable for all skin types. For dry skin, oily skin, combination skin, sensitive skin, acne skin, and even more is suitable to use whitening cream. It will be suitable for your skin too. Moving on to the formulation of the whitening product, it has a special formulation with natural botanical extracts such as scutellaria, white mulberry, saxifrage, and grapefruit. Therefore, the product is enriched with natural botanical extracts. In the process of creating the product, cutting-edge technology was used. Your skin will be able to experience the intensive brightening effect as your skin tone becomes even and lighter. Moreover, this product also reduces dark spots, acne scars, melasma, and hyperpigmentation which could help you to have a healthier and radiant skin.

    automated machine filling skin renew jars with anti aging cream

    Face Whitening Cream Manufacturing Processes

    Through various manufacturing processes, the Face Whitening Cream has gone through the necessary phases in developing and creating the product itself. This whitening product uses the most cutting-edge technology. This face whitening cream is made with high-technology devices and techniques. This is to ensure the best out of the best quality of the skin-lightening cream just for you.

    Dimensions of Skin Renew Face Whitening Cream

    All of our Face Whitening Cream comes in 30 ml or 1.02 fl oz which is an ample amount for you to use every single day. It is packaged in a bottle so that you could easily use the product and apply it to your skin. You could even travel around by putting our product in any one of your bags or pouches when you are on the go. All of the products of Skin Renew are also packaged in High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) plastic as it is compatible with keeping our products formulas in a good condition. It would not break easily compared to glass as glass is highly fragile which we think is a great dimension to be added to the product.

    A woman applying anti aging cream on her cheek

    Face Whitening Cream for Daily Use

    You could use the Face Whitening Cream for daily use as you can use this brightening cream as one of the steps in your skincare routine. Use it twice, once during the daytime and then one more time during the nighttime. Use the cream when you are doing your skincare routine, after taking a bath or your face has been cleansed and toned. You could use it before applying the moisturizer. For the best results, use it consistently. Do make sure to give each step, a few seconds or a minute to let the product fully absorbed into your skin before moving on to the next step of skincare.

    Storing Your Skin Renew Whitening Cream

    Whether you are aware of it or not, storing beauty products is one of the most important steps in preserving the products. This would include the whitening cream as you should be able to store your beauty products away from direct sun exposure. A skincare product could potentially be spoiled due to being exposed to the sunlight especially if it is exposed for a longer period. This could cause the product to fall apart as the cream could be separated into two layers. The UV radiation could break down the emulsifiers that keep the oil and water infused together which would cause the separation of the layers.

    Therefore, to avoid such a situation, keep the whitening cream in ideally cold places such as the dressing table, wardrobe, and cabinet away from direct sunlight. This is to keep the optimization of the whitening product and make sure the properties of the cream stay in a good condition. It is also to prevent any damage to the skin lightening cream. Indirectly, storing and using the skincare product correctly would enable the product to last longer.

    Skin Renew whitening cream

    Face Whitening Cream Price Quote

    This beauty product is priced accordingly as the quality, benefits, and ingredients for the whitening cream are considered before setting the final price for the product. Enabling you to have this luxurious product at a price point that is worth it. Other than that, this very product is priced reasonably so that you would be able to purchase and experience the goodness of the product. Take care of your skin and brighten your skin with one product only. The packaged whitening cream will be delivered to you upon the confirmation of your placing the order for this beauty product.

    Face Whitening Cream Active Ingredients

    This cream is formulated with high-quality ingredients to enable the wonderful product to produce an impactful result for your face skin. The ingredients in Face Whitening Cream consists of Sunflower Oil, Biosaccharide Gum-1, TechnowhiteTM, Avenanthramides, BiowhiteTM, Nicotinamide, and Vitamin E. Each one of the ingredients that is formulated in the Face Whitening Cream has its benefits that could be looked at.

    Sunflower Oil
    Biosaccharide Gum-1 
    Vitamin E


    Frequently asked questions related to face whitening creams

    You can use it twice daily. The first use could be during the day and the second use during the night. Apply it to your skin, especially on the darkened area of the face. Use the face whitening cream on a clean face after your face has been cleansed and toned. Before going to the step of using the moisturizer, you could apply the whitening cream. Use it on a daily basis to achieve the best results.

    Yes, the Face Whitening Cream is suitable for all types of skin that would including dry, combination, and oily. Even, sensitive skin would be suitable to use the Face Whitening Cream as the ingredients formulated for this product are carefully selected so that more people could experience and use the Face Whitening Cream and enjoy brighter and healthier skin.

    The Face Whitening Cream is made using cutting-edge technology with a special formulation that includes natural botanical extracts. Your face skin will enjoy the benefits of the Face Whitening Cream as this product will make your skin tone brighter, whiter, and even. It could even light up the dark spots on your face. Furthermore, the Face Whitening Cream also reduces dark spots, acne scars, melasma, and hyperpigmentation.

    Take a sufficient amount of the cream and put it on the palms of your hands. Then, simply apply the silky-smooth cream texture of the whitening cream to your face and massage it thoroughly to make sure the cream is absorbed into your skin. You could also apply the product to your neck to make the skin on your face and neck to be lightened evenly.

    Yes. This is because the whitening cream will affect the skin from the inside part of the skin and even out the skin discoloration and brightens the skin tone. Other than that, whitening cream could also reduce skin conditions such as pigmentation. This could help you in achieving better-looking skin. Indirectly, any skin condition such as acne spots, age spots, and the darkened spot could also be treated with a whitening cream.

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