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Skin Renew BTX Magic Lift Anti Aging Face Serum

An anti aging face serum that has been specially curated to lift, refine, reshape, and contour facial skin while reducing the signs of aging skin.

Suitable For: All Skin Types

Quantity:  0.68 fl oz (20ml)

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    Skin Renew BTX Magic Lift Anti Aging Face Serum

    The desire to look young among women is not a new thing. History shows that the need to live long falls hand in hand with maintaining a younger appearance. In Egypt, Cleopatra was significant in her choice to bathe in donkey’s milk to reduce aging in her skin. Although the art of skincare may have begun with the Egyptians, along the way, scientists have been able to determine the leading cause of aging skin. While some have been attributed to the environment since climate change, many skin and beauty issues have been shown to reduce with Skin Renew beauty products.

    For example, the Skin Renew BTX Magic Lift Anti Aging Face Serum is a treatment serum committed to reshaping, refining, and lifting facial skin. Skin Renew’s BTX anti aging face serum targets every aspect of your skin making sure to penetrate deep and heal the skin from within. Most serums have been designed to focus on one aspect of the skin. This anti-aging face serum is a safer approach to botox and contains a high volume of active ingredients to resurface irregularities on the face.

    Face Serum For Every Skin Type

    It’s very important to pick the right face serum for your skin type! Our Skin Renew Anti-aging face serum can be used on several skin types to soothe and heal aging skin. 

    face with acne

    Face serum for acne-prone skin

    If you suffer from constant acne breakouts and need a product that doesn’t clog the pores then a face serum is what you should probably be investing in. Made with natural extracts, such as Kigelia Africana and Orange Flower both are essential in combating acne-prone skin.

    woman with glowing skin and dark hair

    Face serum for glowing skin

    Lack of sleep and fatigue in your everyday life can cause dull and tiring skin. So if you’re looking for a face serum that will add glow and reduce wrinkles, the Skin Renew BTX Magic Lift anti aging face serum combines natural potent active ingredients designed to delve deep into healing the skin. 

    face with dry skin

    Anti aging serum for dry skin

    Research shows that serums are great for delivering minerals to the skin. Our Skin Renew anti aging face serum has been designed with hyaluronic acid and vitamin c to help keep dry skin moisturized. Hyaluronic acid is a highly complex sugar that is most often found in the skin and provides hydration and plumpness in the dermis. Besides that, it is also able to reduce the signs of aging making it a hero for dry skin. 

    skin with hyperpigmentation

    Face Serum For Pigmentation 

    Rich in vitamin C, our Skin Renew BTX Magic Lift anti aging face serums have been specially designed with the extracts of Kigelia Africana and Pomegranate to lighten dark spots and reduce hyperpigmentation on the skin. Besides, our serum can trigger collagen production to enhance skin firmness.

    face with oily skin

     Anti aging face serum for oily skin 

    For those suffering from oily skin, incorporating face serums curated with antioxidants can instantly improve skin tone and texture. Did you know that antioxidants help protect the skin against UV damage and help promote radiant skin? Well, now you know! With constant use, our Skin Renew face serum can reduce the signs of large pores.

    Skin Renew Anti Aging Serum Uses and Benefits

    For those out there who have no idea what the benefits of a face serum are, you’d be surprised to know that this magic cream is able to replenish the skin from within. Our team of in-house chemists is constantly working around the clock to create an anti-aging face serum with appropriate uses and benefits.

    Our Skin Renew anti ageing face serum has been designed to keep your skin looking young and beautiful. It is able to replenish the hyaluronic acid within the skin and reduce the chances of premature aging. Our anti-aging face serum is also equipped with peptides to trigger the synthesis of natural collagen. This miracle face serum will also reduce fine lines, crow’s feet, tear troughs, and wrinkles on the entire face, neck, and even hands.

    automated machine filling skin renew jars with anti aging cream

    Anti Aging Face Serum Manufacturing Processes

    The manufacturing processes of our Skin Renew BTX Magic Left anti aging face serums are conducted with complete automation to ensure the integrity of our beauty products supply. At Skin Renew we take great pride in securing a glitch-free production line. In fact, all our anti aging face serums are packaged in HDPE bottles through automated machines so as to not contaminate our beauty products before delivering to our international buyers.

    Dimensions of Anti Aging Face Serum

    All our BTX Magic Lift anti aging face serums come with  0.68 fl oz (20ml) of liquid rejuvenation! Also, for the sake of our client’s satisfaction, all Skin Renew skin care products have been packaged with High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) plastic. This HDPE plastic is the most suitable choice for keeping skincare formulas. In fact, our team at Skin Renew was able to identify that HDPE plastic is highly durable and resistant to acidic formulations. It is also much lighter than glass and can be easily stored in a refrigerator due to its small and compact dimensions.

    Natural Face Serum for Daily Use

    If you’re wondering what’s the best way to use your face serum, consider the tips that we have at Skin Renew.

    First, before applying your anti aging face serum you will need to wash your face with a cleanser. It is important to avoid face cleanses that can dry out your skin, this could result in premature aging. Follow this step by using a toner or a facial mist.

    Next, comes our BTX Magic Lift anti aging face serum. Gently apply to the clean skin, beginning from the jawline to the eye in an upward motion. It’s beneficial as a base layer so consider letting the serum fully dry before applying other cosmetic products. 

    Storing Your Face Serum

    The only thing that comes to mind when storing our beauty products is the ease of accessibility. Rarely do we think of whether we are storing them in the correct manner. Since most of us have an extensive routine for our skin care, we are usually focusing more on the convenience of storing beauty care products. However, what you didn’t know was that leaving your products in the bathroom or on your vanity table can compromise the active ingredients within your cosmetic merchandise. 

    In general, it may be a good idea to store your beauty products in a dark place such as a bathroom cabinet or drawer. This will protect your anti aging face serum from the light of the sun. Besides this, you may want to consider storing your skincare products away from heat. Just like light is instrumental in damaging molecules within the serum, heat can have the same effect. So may want to think about keeping them in the fridge, this will have the opposite effect which can lengthen the lifespan of your beauty care product. Not to mention, that keeping a room damp can breed mildew and mold. For optimum results, you will want to place your products in a place that is cool and dry instead of warm and humid.

    Most people consider storing their personal care products in the bathroom for the purpose of convenience but the last thing you want to do is expose your serums to steam. Storing your anti aging face serums is a lot more than just organizing your beauty products. Proper storage can greatly impact the longevity and quality of your skincare products. In fact, heat, light, and moisture can affect the delicateness of the formulas and should always be kept in a dry and cool place.

    Anti Aging Face Serum Price Quotation

    At Skin Renew, we believe in providing the best with an exclusive range of beauty products. Our prices are set to make all beauty care businesses successful under our guidance. Provide after-sales assistance for all our clients. Packaging of all face serums is usually executed upon confirmation of your orders. 

    For price quotes, all our skin whitening products have a minimum order quantity (MOQ) of 1 pallet in a General Purpose container (GP) of [1 x 20FT]. LCL or Loose Container Service is also available, but negotiable upon request. As soon as this has been finalized, a digital invoice will be generated and sent to your email. Go ahead and contact us for more information on starting your own beauty care products business!

    Natural Anti-Aging Face Serum Ingredients

    At Skin Renew we believe in the importance of using natural active ingredients to create beauty care products that will not only give you a better complexion but also heal the skin from within. Our BTX Magic Lift Anti Aging Face Serum has 9 active ingredients in total to create a beauty product that is truly one-of-a-kind for all women with different types of skin.

    Palmitoyl Tripeptide-1 and Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-7
    Kigelia Africana Fruit Extract
    Punica Granatum Extract
    Citrus Aurantium Dulcis Flower Extract
    Galactomannans from Honey Locust seeds
    Sodium hyaluronate
    Advanced Moisture Complex


    Frequently asked questions about anti aging face serum products.

    Most of us are under the impression that starting to use anti-aging face serums should only happen in our fifties when the skin has already begun to sag and wrinkle. In truth, it should be when you’re in your 20s that you start to care for the overall health of your skin. When you think about it, it's better to prevent something from happening rather than to cure it. Likewise, with anti aging products, it is important to maintain the skin for your later years. 

    Yes. Facial serums really do work better than the average moisturizer and lotion. To begin with, the face serum is actually designed with small molecules of water and rich amounts of active ingredients both of which lend a potent combination of instant hydration that can help moisten dry skin within. And, if your concern is about aging too soon like everyone else, facial serums are certainly your go-to skin and beauty care product. 

    If you don’t know which type of serum would suit you, always consider getting a professional opinion. For instance, dermatologists recommend using a face serum that contains sodium hyaluronate to help stimulate the production of hyaluronic acid within the skin. In the long run, using a cosmetic care product such as our Skin Renew BTX Magic Lift anti-aging face serum will rejuvenate your skin to look and feel young and vibrant once again.

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