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About Us

The idea for SKIN RENEW was first hatched when founder, Janet Wang realized there was a need for beauty care products that catered to every aspect of a woman’s skin. At SKIN RENEW, we believe that caring for your skin is an act of love. Established in 1995, SKIN RENEW is a prominent Malaysian distributor of beauty care products looking to inspire the UAE community. 

The entrance of Skin Renew's beauty center branch where two promotional banners and the front desk can be seen on the left, a passageway in the middle, as well as a cupboard full of treatment products found alongside a coffee table with three chairs and a wall-mounted TV on the right.

With Our Motto

“Power of Science Revives Beauty”

We are continuously working to formulate beauty care that fits every skin type whether old or young, man or woman. In fact, approved by the National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency (NPRA) in Malaysia, SKIN RENEW is an eco-friendly, beauty care products supplier with the hopes of empowering women who wish to build a business within the highly lucrative beauty care industry.

What Defines Us

Our Mission
To create a people-oriented business with the purpose of providing knowledge-based and hands-on experience for all those looking to tap into the skin care industry.
Our Goal
Our goal as a beauty products distributor is to empower women by tapping into the vast beauty care industry in the UAE.
Our Vision
To be a company that provides men and women around the globe with beauty care that understands and satisfies everyone's needs as a profitable beauty products supplier.
Four individuals making a unified fist bump with notebooks strewn in the surroundings to display Skin Renew's values in the mission to be a global beauty product supplier.

Advanced Beauty Care Technology

Over 2 decades of experience as a beauty care specialist, all Skin Renew merchandise has been specially curated with advanced skin care technologies consisting of:

  • Nano-encapsulation 
  • Biomimetic Peptides 
  • Double-layered Capsulation Technology 
  • Liposomal Encapsulation of Vitamin 

Created By A Woman For Women

Our clients consist of a group of talented and dedicated women from colorful ethnic backgrounds looking to tap into the beauty care industry. We hope to be able to create an environment where women can excel and grow in a workforce that was created by a woman for women! Our goal is to empower women from around the globe to succeed with Skin Renew as their beauty products supplier.

A group of fourteen Asian Skin Renew's staff in working uniforms posing with the founder, Janet Wang at the entrance of a branch.

Our Impact For the Future

Here, at SKIN RENEW we are constantly working towards sustainable practices that will preserve nature for the future generation. We hold steadfast to not using animal ingredients in our products and are certified cruelty-free globally. All our beauty care merchandises are suitable for vegans and vegetarians and have been accredited for being manufactured with sustainable practices. We have never used fragrances, alcohol, or preservatives to create our signature skin care products. Our beauty care products are shipped in recyclable cardboard boxes and bubble wrap.

Visually Impaired Friendly Website

As a visually impaired-friendly website, we have ensured that all our visitors browse our web pages with complete ease by implementing the following measures:

Up-To-Standard Website Documentation

Complete Blindness Images Accessibility

Colour-Blind Friendly

Appropriate Font Sizes For Shortsightedness

Our Accreditations

Testimony by Our Founder

Janet Wang, founder of Skin Renew Professional Solution, the company has been at the forefront of advances in the beauty industry. In her over 30 years in the beauty industry, she has not been afraid to experiment and utilize the latest technology, products, and equipment available in the market. Janet is a keen participant in training sessions and seminars held locally as well as overseas, such as the Beauty Technical Seminar Convention that was held in Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and China in the year 1998.

Janet’s future goals are to expand Skin Renew Branches nationwide and gradually move into salon management and a comprehensive franchising system. She intends to conduct training sessions and share her knowledge with other therapists in the near future. Our founder still works with the brand every day to fulfill their original dream of making beauty that performs and transforms.

Skin Renew's founder Janet Wang posing for a photo with a smile and her arms crossed.
“Our goal is to be the number one choice for skincare, health, and well-being to help people feel more confident about their appearance. Experience the difference in skin care with Skin Renew today!”
Message by Janet Wang, Founder of SKIN RENEW
Skin Renews ambassador Jorise Lee

Skin Renew’s Brand Influencer

As a beauty brand ambassador, Jorise Lee has been involved in promoting Skin Renew beauty products through several online social media platforms. Ms. Lee is an ardent lover of skincare products featured on Skin Renew. She enjoys taking time to rejuvenate her skin with our limited edition of beauty care products. Also, she has been influential in increasing sales for Skin Renew by raising awareness of our Skin Renew beauty care merchandise.

Partnership With DagangHalal

For over a decade now, DagangHalal has been essential in putting the needs of their suppliers and buyers first. The company is constantly working towards bringing in focused business opportunities to all members at DagangHalal. It gives us great honor in being partners with the largest halal-verified e-marketplace, DagangHalal. This collaboration ensures Skin Renew’s credibility as a halal beauty products supplier and puts us in the eyes of international exposure. 

Our Milestones Since Inception


Established A & J Beauty


Founder of Skin Renew appointed as the official judge for the Bridal Make-up Competition held in Times Square, KL


Attended Latest Beauty Technical Convention held in Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and China.


Founder of Skin Renew appointed as the official judge for Miss Hat trick Pageant Competition held at Klang Valley.


Established the biggest beauty salon with cosmetic, slimming & spa specialists in Meru, Klang.


Introduced the first non-surgical natural double eyelids technique from Japan


Introduced the first Eyebrow Implant Hand Work technical from China, Beijing Founder of Skin Renew appointed as the official judge for the 27th Asia Make-up Competition held in Hong Kong.


Introduced the Bio-Technology Non-surgical Painless Odor Removal Therapy from Japan.


Founder of Skin Renew appointed as a make-up & fashion consultant for Local Artists held in Genting.


Founder of Skin Renew appointed as the official judge for the Bridal Make-up Competition held in Times Square, KL.


Invited by “Sin Chew” press as the Beauty specialist in a Q & A interactive column Founder of Skin Renew appointed by APT Makeup Academy as the official judge for The Creative Competition held in Times Square, KL.


Established the 10th branch of Skin Renew Clinic at IOI City Mall.


For more details on your trusted beauty products supplier, go ahead and drop us a message.